photo of the week 33: changing of the guard…

For more than a year, a cube, lathered green with an emulsion of fines herbes and sided by a baby salad, has officiated the stream of traffic on this blog from the marquee above.

Last night, I changed the window dressing, putting in a line of chocolate donuts from my recent meal at elBulli.

But, to commemorate that beautiful plate of food that has served this blog so well for the last year and a half, for this thirty-third photo of the week, I give you Gabriel Kreuther’s gorgeous rabbit terrine, staring intently from its porcelain, almond eye.

1st Course: Rabbit Terrine

~ by ulterior epicure on March 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “photo of the week 33: changing of the guard…”

  1. I finally know what that beautiful plate was. I guess I need to read some more of your blog.

  2. I thought for a moment I was on the wrong blog! So, you’ve finally found something you feel is worthy of replacing that long-time marquee photo.

    That meal in The Modern Dining Room was memorable, even more so because Mr. RBI and I were privileged to share it with you!

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