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A Spandex Week
A Spandex Week

It all began two minutes off the jetway at LaGuardia on the way to baggage claim. A text message popped up: “Where R U? Shke Shck ice crm of day = cffee + dnuts.”

Me: “B rght there!”

And thus kicked off what would become my most gluttonous run at New York City to date.

The cab dumped me off at my place in TriBeCa. I put up my suits and shirts, washed my face, and was out the door to run a few errands in midtown. I make my way back down to Madison Square Park where I met my friend at the Shake Shack for ice cream.

I really shouldn’t have been eating ice cream at 5pm, given that I had a dinner reservation at 8pm. But, the weather was perfect, the line was short, and I’m a firm believer that one’s appetite can never be spoiled, only whetted, by ice cream.

2008 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party
Big Apple Barbecue Block Party
Madison Square Park

In the subsequent five days, I would clean my plates at:

per se
Café Boulud
Lever House
Eleven Madison Park

There were a couple of mid-afternoon detours to La Maison du Chocolat. And, there were at least thirty small plates consumed at The James Beard Awards, more at the after-party. Did I mention that I stopped by the Big Apple BBQ Block Party as well?

I was a busy glutton.

Now I’m a dieting glutton.

To keep my mind off the self-imposed liquid diet regimen (and I don’t mean of the Guayaquil Iced Frappé type) and 6 mile runs that will hopefully help whittle me back into my pants, I’ll be writing up reviews of these meals. I mean, spandex is fun, but not forever.

Favorites? Highlights? You’ll just have to wait. I’ll link the above list of restaurants to the blog posts when they publish.

Re: the coffee and donuts ice cream: other than being served too-soft (I’m sure the amount of traffic kept that freezer door open for the larger part of the day), it was pretty good. At first lick, my friend and I got pure coffee. It wasn’t until I hit a motherload chunk of donut (the yeasty kind) that we realized there were nuggets of the fried dough mixed into the ice cream.

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