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New York


It’s been three months since I’ve returned from my little European excursion and I’m still working off the sins of my gluttony. I have yet to finish my posts about my Parisian dining, not to mention my Christmas day excursion to visit Paul Bocuse in Lyon.

In the interim, I’ve turned yet another year older. And with that came a flurry of celebrations. I delayed gratification here at home (a small cookiefest was enjoyed), opting instead for an extended weekend to eat New York with another good friend, Houston, who was flying in separately to celebrate her birthday with me. [Unfortunately, her flight was canceled – on her birthday – and re-routing delayed her arrival until well after I had enjoyed her birthday dinner without her.  American Airlines, consider this to be a public reprimand – if anyone from corporate is reading this, you also interrupted our brunch at Balthazar with a phone call canceling her return flight. I think you owe her one big apology and reimbursement for her hotel bill, not to mention a make-up birthday, birthday dinner (she missed out on a very good one), and a collective total of 12 hours of lost sleep.]

For my birthday dinner, I chose a trustworthy old friend. It came second on my shortlist of best restaurant meals of 2008: Le Bernardin.

I also ate at:

Bar Boulud
Jean Georges
momofuku ssam bar

Detailed reports are promised. But first, back to Paris…

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