rest of the best of 2012…

3rd Course: Smoked Local CaviarSmoked Local Caviar; Saison


26. Champs Élysees
Foie gras, Port wine, raw quail egg.
(Jungsik, New York, New York)

27. Smoked Local Caviar
Sea urchin, chicken gelée.
(saison; San Francisco, California)

28.Kentuckyaki” Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps
(Husk; Charleston, South Carolina)

29. Spit-Roasted Short Rib
Castelvetrano olives, celery, walnuts and horseradish.
(il buco alimentari; New York, New York)

30. Layers of Foie Gras
Toffee, milk, bread, beer, coffee, dehydrated olive.
(saison; San Francisco, California)


4th Course: Red Beet Ravioli
Red Beet Ravioli; The Oval Room


31. Red Beet Ravioli
Spiced wine syrup and brown butter.
(The Oval Room; Washington, D.C.)

32. Salmon Belly
Takoyaki with salmon roe.
(Yusho; Chicago, Illinois)

33. Pecorino and Almond Grilled Cheese Sandwich
(Tartine Bakery; San Francisco, California)

34. Tamarind-Glazed Chicken Wings
(Redd; Yountville, California)

35. Hot Chicken
(Gus’s World Famous Hot Chicken; Memphis, Tennessee)


6th Course: Ember-Roasted Onion
Ember-Roasted Onion; McCrady’s


36.  Mascarpone-Enriched Chestnut Agnolotti
Celeriac, Cutting celery, “Crème de Fontina d’Aosta,”
shaved white truffles.
(The French Laundry; Yountville, California)

37. Sean Brock’s Grandma’s Fried Chicken
(Husk; Charleston, South Carolina)

38. Langoustine
Mâche, wild mushroom salad,
shaved foie gras, white balsamic vinaigrette.
(Le Bernardin; New York, New York)

39. Handcut Tagliatelle
Shaved Australian black winter truffles.
(per se; New York, New York)

40. Ember-Roasted Onion
Lovage purée, with black truffle-squid ink sauce.
(McCrady’s; Charleston, South Carolina)


6th Course: Sunday Supper Sunday Supper; Torrisi Italian Specialties


41. Langos
Fried potato bread with garlic, sour cream, and dill.
(Bar Tartine; San Francisco, California)

42. Red Beans and Rice circa 1885
Authentic Nola Creole – pickled pork shank, smoked jowl,
voodoo greens, and aromatic rice from Arkansas.
(Big Jones; Chicago, Illinois)

43. Roasted Bone Marrow
Glazed with salsa.
(La Nacional; Monterrey, Mexico)

44. Cemita Milanesa
(Cemitas Lupita; San Pedro Cholula, Mexico)

45.Sunday Supper
Dry-aged ground beef, sesame roll.
(Torrisi Italian Specialties; New York, New York)

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