photo of the week 34: in the weeds…

This really should be photo of the week forty-something.  But I’m behind.

And to show you how far behind I am, I took a photo today while spring cleaning.

For the thirty-fourth photo of the week, I give you my “stack,” which has been growing steadily for the past few months (year?). Some of the magazines aren’t even out of their plastic mailer jackets.  At this rate, I’m expecting the production crew of Hoarders to show up sometime late this fall.

Who’s with me on this one?


In the weeds.

~ by ulterior epicure on March 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “photo of the week 34: in the weeds…”

  1. I can relate.. love to read… my fqv lately is secrets ofthe sommeleirs… greqt book by rqjqt pqrr… next up blood butter and bones…

  2. @David Pierson: Can we retry the author’s name for “Secrets of Sommeliers,” please?

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