photo of the week 17: disposable clicks…

How many millions of photos do you think have been taken of Anish Kapoor’s now-iconic sculpture, “Cloud Gate?”

My friend’s question made me pause and consider the conveniently clickable and disposable digital age we now call the present.

Reunited over brunch after ten years apart, my friends and I strolled through Millenium Park on a balmy Sunday afternoon, pausing briefly to marvel at this seamlessly buffed metal cloud, hovering over a mesmerized and enchanted throng.

Camera in hand, I couldn’t help myself.

For this seventeenth photo of the week, I give you my contribution to our clickably disposable world, a photo of “Cloud Gate:”

photo of the week 17: disposable clicks...

How many people do you think are aware that Cloud Gate sits on a square of land named the “AT&T Plaza?” And how many phone calls do you think have been dropped by iPhone users at AT&T Plaza?  I now account for four of them.

~ by ulterior epicure on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “photo of the week 17: disposable clicks…”

  1. This is one of my favorite landmarks in Chicago. I have disposed of many clicks there myself.

  2. @docsconz: It is so mesmerizing. It is so amazing. It’s like one giant funhouse mirror.

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