rumination 10: hold on to your hats windy city…

The long-awaited shoe drops.  The Midwest gets its first Michelin Guide Rouge.  It is slated to issue in November of this year.  CLICK.

Let the guessing and obsessing begin.

~ by ulterior epicure on July 13, 2010.

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  1. After the S.Pelligrino list put Alinea atop the US Culinary Ladder this year I rather figured this would happen. IMO, everything about Alinea is 3-Star as compared to other US Michelin properties – clearly the European folks are accepting of mg with Fat Duck, El Bulll, and others getting 3, so it will be interesting to see how they rate Alinea. The questions, IMO, start with places like L2o, Tru, Avenues, and the like – places that try very hard for the 2-3 star experience. It will also be intriguing to see how the Bayless and Kahan spots stand up. The older dames – Trotters, Everest, and Spiaggia should be interesting as well. As a Midwesterner by birth I must say I’m excited.

  2. @uhockey: The only restaurant I’m willing to bet on right now is alinea. It will get three stars. As for the rest, I can only speculate. Charlie Trotters is the only other likely candidate at that level.

  3. I would bet a lot of money that Alinea is the only one that gets 3 stars.

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