gourmet burgers, part ii: chefburger…

Sources tell me that Rob Dalzell’s new venture in the Power & Light District, chefBURGER, will open its doors today, Monday, March 10. I have no idea if that is for lunch or dinner. 

I drove by the corner Saturday, and it appeared ready to go (it’s quite snappy-looking, the odd burger-headed alien-like mascot aside). I’ll be anxious to see the menu.

Off topic: chefBURGER is around the corner from the new Bristol, which was truly gorgeous from the outside. Heck, the Chipotle across the street was gorgeous, with its indigo-tiled facade. I love indigo. I love Chipotle. I just wish I didn’t have to pay $10 to park for my $6 burrito. (Yes, I know it’s only $2 with a validation.  Growing up in Kansas City, I just have something against paying for parking).

~ by ulterior epicure on March 11, 2008.

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