gourmet burgers…

We (Kansas City) are on the cusp having two locally-owned and operated dedicated burger spots. From reports, these are no road-side diner sandwiches; the “gourmet burger” is about to arrive in Kansas City.

On March 20, Eddie Crane, owner of The Drop on Martini Corner, will be opening the doors of Blanc at 419 Westport Road (between Starbuck’s and Blayney’s).

From the preview I’ve gotten, menu items will include:

American Kobe with port wine onions, mustard aioli, truffle butter, watercress, salt + pepper brioche bun.

Meatloaf “Burger” with grilled onions, sweet ketchup, onion brioche bun.

Buffalo fried egg, pepper jack cheese, onion, red pepper jam, 4-seed brioche bun.

Spiced Lentil Burger curry lentils, sautéed vegetables, spiced yogurt, cucumber, avocado, radish sprouts, whole wheat bun

“A la carte”sides will be served with made-from-scratch ketchup, whole grain mustard and chipotle aioli. Sides include:

Hand Cut Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Boulevard Onion Rings

Blanc will be open for lunch starting the Monday after the opening and will be open 11am until 1:30am seven days a week.

Kansas City also awaits the opening of Chef Burger, a Rob Dalzell (of 1924 Main, pizzabella, and Souperman) enterprise. Chef Burger will be opening in the new Power & Light District.

~ by ulterior epicure on March 6, 2008.

One Response to “gourmet burgers…”

  1. I read a bit in the paper about this place.
    It seemed like they mentioned that there would be a huge variety of soda pop offered.

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