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Truffled Chevre
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A recent meal at 1924 Main brought an Italian goat cheese to my attention and my affection: Caprino Cremosa Tartufo. It’s a crottin of very fresh goat cheese topped with black truffle shavings. What is so amazing about the Caprino Cremosa Tartufo is that the flavor of the black truffle, though the shavings were only pressed into the top of the crottin, had completely infused throughout the cheese. Every bite was full of the earthy beefy pungence of the fungus.

Recently, I came into a pound of the black truffles (see here). I decided to indulge, and finely chopped one whole black truffle and mixed it in with about a pound of fresh chevre. (Oddly, it kind of looks like cookies and cream ice cream… but, I always have ice cream on my mind).  I *love* spreading it on freshly toasted baguette or tucked inside a fluffy omelette.  I loved it so much, that I made second batch with my last black truffle. 

~ by ulterior epicure on February 12, 2007.

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  1. Lucky you to have all those truffles on hand!
    This is Robert-Gilles of
    The idea of goat cheese with truffles is a simple and perfectidea, and as you said can be added to quite a few other complements.
    Try and spread it on crisp toasted bread with a thread of your favourite honey on top!

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