bowles v. flay…

Drawing the line in the sand…   the gloves come off… teasers from Alton Brown on the Food Network have me anxiously awaiting the episode of Iron Chef American tonight at 8pm CST.  Chef Graham Elliot Bowles, Executive Chef at The Avenues goes against Bobby Flay in a special Valentine’s Day-themed battle – chocolate.

Although I already know the outcome, I’m wishing Chef Bowles the best of luck!!  :)

~ by ulterior epicure on February 11, 2007.

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  1. Funny, I just saw the commercial for this and got on the computer to shoot you a message to see if you knew about this already :-D

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, snekse! Yes, actually, I knew about this back in October, in fact, almost flew to NYC to support Elliot. I’ve known the outcome for some time, but can’t wait to watch the show!!

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