morning frost…

Morning Frost
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It’s my favorite time of year – autumn. The leaves are turning multiple shades of beautiful, apples and hard squashes are abundant, and the heavy humidity of summer is chased away by the bright crispness of the impending winter.

Tromping through festive piles of leaves always reminds me of returning to school – something I’ve done off-and-on for too many years of my life. This is the first time in a while that the fall doesn’t beckon me back to the classroom and university bookstore.

No, daily life has turned to the fluorescence of the office-life. The *gainful employ* has set in and the tromps through the leaves, jogs through the quad and football games are replaced by the commute, phone calls, emails, meetings and *deadlines.*

Still, I manage to take time out for a fresh of breath air, as I did on this particular morning, when I caught the early morning sun cresting over a misty and frosty scape of my neighborhood. My morning walks help clear my head and set me for a day of *hectic.*

Halloween has passed – heralding my two favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. I find it wonderful that God has set up our calendar in such a way that we find little pleasures sprinkled throughout the year… always something to look forward to – even amidst the daily routines of *gainful employ!*

~ by ulterior epicure on November 3, 2006.

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