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Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates
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I first encountered Mimi Wheeler’s chocolate truffles at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time, they struck me as very odd looking. Certainly, they looked more like the real thing – truffles from the earth – than the other molded chocolates.

Mimi’s chocolates are nobby. They’re not particularly attractive at first sight – odd shapen, nobby and irregular. No too are alike. But, this is perhaps why I fell in love with the sight of them. Obviously, these truffles were hand-made and hand-dipped – no gadgets or assembly lines here.

I also loved the name of her chocolate company – The Grocer’s Daughter.  You can read all about her story on the website. 

I posted some pictures of The Grocer’s Daughter chocolates on my flickr account and mentioned them on this blog before. Mimi somehow stumbled upon my pictures and writings and contacted me. She was disappointed by some of my comments, but was eager to help change my mind about her creations.  Since then, we’ve traded notes and talked about her chocolates and the flavors she’s been working on.  In the months since (summer, 2006), Mimi’s been hard at work tweaking some of her truffles as well as creating new flavors.

Now that the weather’s cooled off a bit, she recently sent me a box of 16 truffles to try.  They came packaged in a beautiful black box tied with an apple-green ribbon.  On the underside of the lid was a hand-written “map” to guide me through the flavors.

I’m especially interested in seeing how some of the truffles that I was previously disappointed with, like the Blueberry and the Cherry, will be different. I also hope to find that some of my tried-true favorites, like the Whiskey Fig, remain just as good. And, most of all, I’m excited to try some of Mimi’s new creations, like the spicy Mayan, the dark chocolate-infused Honey, and the Hummingbird Tea truffle.

Check my flickr set for updates as I go through Mimi’s love-laden creations. Mimi – you’re gonna make me fat!!

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  1. These sound lovely (much like your prose and your site, dear Ms. Epicure.) I’m so glad to have come across you. I’ll be looking forward to your review of Mimi’s truffles, and am going to head over to Flickr this moment to see for myself what you got in that wonderful box. (I heartily approve of the nobbiness, by the way!) Best, BL

  2. hi bloglily.

    if you flip through my flickr photos – you can read up on my tasting notes for each individual truffle as i get to them. thanks for dropping by the blog… keep in touch!!


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