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… I’m back in K.C. after a whirlwind tour of San Francisco and Napa Valley (will report later) and have waded through boxes upon boxes of why-did-I-bother-to-pack-this-and-ship-it-back-home-crap. Now, that things have settled down, I have been spending extra time creating sinful food marriages in the kitchen that even the angels couldn’t resist – and because of which I know there’s a god.

Carpaccio of roasted pineapple with olive oil gelato
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My latest union has TRU (you can see my meal at the TRU kitchen table here) flirting with Babbo. I took the roasted pineapple carpaccio from the TRU cookbook (pg. 239) and topped it off with Mario Batali’s olive oil gelato from the Babbo cookbook (pg. 294), which I encountered for the first time at Otto). The gelato is garnished with crunchy bits of sel gris. Oh, and I took artistic license by sprinkling dark rum over the pineapples.

I didn’t have a professional meat slicer, so it was impossible to get “carpaccio-thin” slices. I didn’t want to risk botching it up with my mandoline, so I just sliced the pineapple with a sharp knife.

Taste: Although the core was just a bit harder than desired, it was entirely edible and digestible. The meat was very fleshy and meaty, without being stringy – and it was amazingly sweet. The carameled fringes added a dark touch to the sweet-tang of the flesh. Personally, I think that some combinations, like pineapple and coconut just are real winners not to be tinkered with. However, I do think that the creamy olive oil gelato was a unique stand-in for coconut – and the crunchy salt not only complimented the olive oil, but the pineapple as well. Perhaps the most important note I can offer is that if you make the olive oil gelato, try to get the freshest and fruitiest extra virgin oil you can find – it really makes a difference.

More to come… I promise!

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