the “mull”…

See Bertrand Russell for an interesting dissection of word usage… referring to Will Baude’s use of the word “mull” in conjunction with time: as in “to mull time…”

I commented:

“sure, i think one can “mull” time -in fact i find the usage lovely… especially with within the ‘(con)text’ of mr. baude’s temporary misadventure… can’t one “mull” over one’s thoughts?”

What does it mean to mull over something? Isn’t that the equivelent of mulling the very thing your mulling over? After all to “mull over” one’s thoughts is to evaluate, contemplate, or examine one’s thoughts meticulously – which is what the saying means. Another cooking term open to such employ is “stew” – to “stew over” something…

I say, if you can do it with wine, cider (or beef, pork, tomatoes or any other fine stew ingredient) or your thoughts, then you certainly could subject Father Time to the process as well… especially if the abided time only exasperates (or heats/”spice”) your disposition…

~ by ulterior epicure on February 13, 2005.

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