a sad, sad, day…

Two news items has made me very distraught:

1). The stage has lost one of its best friends: Arthur Miller, playwright of Death of a Salesman passed away.

2). The British throne has seen some scandals and many anni horribili in its day… but this one is an all-time low… Prince Charles has announced his engagement to “that woman” – Camilla Parker Bowles. Although neither Charles nor Parker Bowles will ever accede to the throne, the Crown is hesitant to show any public acceptance of this impending marriage: generously bequeathing her the title: HRH Princess Consort… Not since the days of Anne Boleyn has England seen a more bewitching (not in a good way) social climber… even the American divorcee Wallace Warfield Simpson had some dignity about her seduction of the late Duke of Windsor.


*** Amendment ***
Following a comment posted by DeniseUMLaw, I realized that my tirade against “that woman” might be a bit misleading. What I was trying (and I’ll admit, not too effectively) convey was my distain for Parker Bowles… not women in general… If anything, I think Charles is the villain in this case… so really, he’s just getting what he deserves! Hmmphhh!

~ by ulterior epicure on February 11, 2005.

5 Responses to “a sad, sad, day…”

  1. Damn women, anyway. Who do they think they are?

  2. ohmygosh…

    denise, i hope you didn’t take offense to my posting… i suppose it was sort of negative (about women in general)…

    TRUST ME, i am the last person to suggest the sentiment that i fear you may have gleaned. those were just three bad apples i named…

    i loved di and wished the fairytale had never ended… more like d*amn charles for being such a putz…


  3. LOL! No, I was being totally sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek. I got your inference!

  4. oh, good… by the way – loved the “tit in the wringer” post on your blog… hmmm, strange, i just posted one about “nipples and cakes”…

    yours sounds more painful… i think i’ll stay with my sweets…


  5. I just feel sorry for them. Clearly they’ve been in love for so many years. Eh, just let ’em have it. They’re already almost 60, after all.

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