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My friend over at the Letters of Marque has just sparked an entertaining food discussion…

She writes:
The Ulterior Epicure has a lovely post up about food and food experimentation.
This fits with what I’ve been thinking recently. There are some perfect foods. Oh, not perfect as in “every instance is perfect” and not perfect as in “I can live on it for weeks so long as I get some water!” I mean perfect as in, it goes with anything.

These perfect foods (not a complete list) are: Salt, Cheese, Bread, Lime (quite possibly, any citrus juice, but I’m not prepared to go that far yet), Cilantro, Yogurt, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar.
Got it?

Here was my response – it addresses a number of previous comments:

first, thanks heidi for the publicity. second, thanks for starting this fascinating string!

okay, so clearly, perhaps some boundaries should be drawn – (see my recent postings about playing with your food). but i think, for the rest of you naysayers out there – heidi has got a pretty impressive list of “universal ingredients” – things that go well with *just about* everything. i ran a quick food combination computation through my mind and they all checked out pretty well…
some quick responses:
1. whoever brought up the “cilantro gene” – i am living proof that the “cilantro gene” is either a myth, or i am just a freak. i used to HATE cilantro – it tasted just as you discribed – like soap. now, i can’t get enough of the stuff.
2. why not citrus with coffee? haven’t you ever had orange liquer (grand marnier) in your coffee before? okay, so orange isn’t lime, but hey, i’ll bet some java slinging joint down in the florida keys sells it. that goes for balsamic vinegar too – i can imagine that it would only lessen the bitterness and give it a nice tang – perhaps try reducing the vinegar to near syrup consistancy and use it as a sweetner – like honey.
3. olive oil doesn’t need to be incorporated into the caramel – just drizzle some good olive oil fresh over ice cream, sprinkle some course sea salt crystals over it all and it’s amazing.
4. heidi – i admire your bravado! would love to see what other great combinations this string turns up.


Any one have any fabulous – or poententially horrid food combos?

~ by ulterior epicure on February 7, 2005.

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  1. A really good french baguette, sliced. A generous dollop of fresh ricotta with its full complement of fat. Top that with another dollop of Nutella, a sprinkle of sea salt, and the thinest drizzle of caramel. Cheese, chocolate, bread, and salt – perfection.

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