Like any good amuse, i hope this post serves to “tease the palate” for the good things (i hope you find them to be good) to come.

So, why the “Ulterior Epicure?” Well, ulterior because I choose to remain under a veil of anonymity.* For the purposes of this blog, what I do for a living (if anything at all), where I live, or who I am is not important. The only thing you need to know is that I am an epicure because I love to eat, talk, and live food.

So, this is an open invitation for you come along with me on this foodie’s journalistic adventure and together we’ll share and collect some creative and delightful insights about food together.
* For the extremely internet savvy (and curious), this veil may be rather thin.Acknowledgment: Motivation for creating this this blog must be credited to the help and encouragement of two very good friends. Both have been dear companions in many food adventures (and trips to the local gelateria). I thank them both immensely and look forward many more meals (and scoops) together. Cheers.

~ by ulterior epicure on January 26, 2005.

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