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Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate Pulp Heart

I have a secret admirer. Lucky me.

But, unlike most secret admirer relationships, I know who my admirer is, but she doesn’t know me. I blogged about Mimi Wheeler and her chocolate company, Grocer’s Daughter, last September.  You can read about how we first got acquainted in that post. 

To my delight, yesterday, the expedition down my long treacherously snow and ice-covered driveway to the post box rewarded me with a small package of love from Empire, Michigan.

Wrapped in confetti-flecked red stuffing paper, inside, was a card from Mimi and an assortment of her chocolates. In addition to a box of 16 truffles – containing 2 each of 8 flavors, she included a “Wally Bar” – presumably named after her assistant, Wally, formerly of Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a “Chocolate Pulp Heart,” which I intend to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.  The “Wally Bar” is studded with whole cashews, almonds, and other nuts, along with dried fruits.  It looks like the ultimate chocoholic hiker’s trail mix bar!! I can only imagine what kind of pulpy wonderfulness (dare I venture raspberry?) hides inside the big-enough-for-two chocolate heart.

Grocer’s Daughter Valentine’s Chocolate

I haven’t had time to break into the truffles or the chocolate bar yet, but I’ll be updating them on my flickr account under the Grocer’s Daughter set (click here) soon.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a list of the truffles Mimi sent.  I’ve had some of these before, like the Basil, Thyme, Lavendar, Honey, and Whiskey.  Others, like the Pomegranate-Ginger, Whiskey, Maya, and Arabica are new. 

I look forward to tasting them and sharing them (well, at least my thoughts on them) with you soon.  Thanks Mimi – and Happy Valentine’s to you!  I’ll be in touch soon!

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