White Truffle Honey
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While I’m waiting for my French press to steep (unleaded joe), I find myself slathering white truffle oil on Cabrales cheese. No joke, I’m “insta-blogging” right now – I got out my camera and took a picture of the jar, uploaded it, and voila! Oh, and now my coffee’s ready.

Wash out mouth. Okay, now I’m good to go.

Well, here are some thoughts on LuLu’s white truffle honey. While the white truffle infusion is nice and strong, the problem is that the honey is actually “oily” – and the honey and the oil separate, so you have to constantly stir it to keep them together. I think it’s partly due to the fact that the honey is rather crystallized and “rough.”

There was a white truffle honey that I had once in a restaurant (served on a cheese course) that was nearly clear, and the honey was smooth and liquidy – without the oiliness. It also had a nice heady white truffle infusion, but not as heavy-handed as LuLu’s. I wish I knew where that white truffle honey was from. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Experiences? Would love to hear about them!

Oh – and this is what I like to do with white truffle honey (besides I slathering it on cheese). It’s great on herby foccacia, on scrambled or sunny-side up eggs (really), or even drizzling it over carmelized scallops. Yum.

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  1. I love honey..white truffle honey sounds incredible. Some of my favorites have been Lavender and also Tasmanian Honey. I love to put it on freshly cooked crispy waffles.

  2. giuseppewong – i love lavendar and heather honey. have you ever tried chestnut honey? it’s really strong in flavor and tastes nothing like chestnuts. instead, i think it has a garlic flavor to it.

  3. Acquired at D&D?

    Managed to make it to farmer’s market this morning, also whole foods. WHEE they have mezzo secco back in stock in the cheese section- the little things are making me happy these days.

  4. No, actually – The (over-priced) Better Cheddar.
    Thrilled you made it the Farmer’s Market!! That mean’s lil’ man is better – no?

  5. From an interesting food experiment about 15 years ago, I found out that I really like french toast made into a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in honey. It was suprisingly good… but, I have not had it since. Hm. Maybe it wasn’t that good. Maybe it was just hunger.

  6. Hi Pattie.
    Wow, now that sounds novel – can you please explain it a little more? How do you “make” French toast into grilled cheese? Do you just cut them into strips like French toast fingers and dip them in honey like you would syrup? Please do tell!
    I love your email address!

  7. Well, let’s see what I can remember.

    I made two pieces of regular ‘ol french toast (egg, milk, vanilla, cinnamon) and then put some slices of cheese in between the french toast pieces like you would a grilled cheese sandwich and put them back in the frying pan to melt the cheese. I wish I could remember what kind of cheese I used… I know it was not any kind of yellow cheese. It may have been monterey jack. Anyway, I just dipped it into a little puddle of honey before each bite, but cutting it into strips sounds like a better idea.

    If you actually try it, let me know if it really is any good! (o:

  8. Pattie.
    Besides sounding like a cholesterol festival, it doesn’t sound half-bad!! Cheese and honey, as I said in my post, is one of my favorite combinations – although I’m not sure how the egg would figure in…

  9. Arghhh…you’re making me hungry. I need some good waffles with honey and butter now! Ugh…

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