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Sorry for my absence, I’ve had a helluva run with life in the past two months. But, on to bigger and better things, like EATING!!Despite my ridiculously busy itinerary, I’ve found plenty of time to eat… but more on that later. I have a mystery on hand that I’d like you to help me solve. It’s a garden mystery. Through a friend, I received some seeds for a “Chinese gourd” by way of a Chinese chef. We’re not too clear on what exactly this is, but I planted a few and boy have they (over)taken my garden. These fellas are hogging the beds!!

Mystery Chinese Squash Gourd
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My question: are these squash/gourds edible? My friend said that he couldn’t imagine a Chinese chef wasting his time with non-edible plants (not to stereo-type). Even if it is a decorative gourd to the Western society, I’m confident the Chinese have found a way to eat them.

If anyone can identify this plant, you get, well, my undying admiration. The plant itself looks just like a zucchini plant, except it produces smaller white blossoms. I’m particularly curious at what stage (if they are edible), I should harvest them.

Yellow pear heirloom tomatoes
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My delights are in the form of little yellow pear-shaped heirloom tomatoes. I’ve had a frustrating run with my toms this year, as have many farmers in my parts. We’ve been dry and high… very high. Today it’s topping the 100 mark. And not a drop from the sky. My toms are full on the bush, but turning red one per every two days. Frustrating.

As well, I need to build a fence. Deer have been ravaging my peas, green beans and such. The tops of my beets are all gone – but that could be from the rabbits. I’ve seen a few foxes around, and they keep the rabbit population in check, but the deer, they just keep coming.

Keep watching for more details…

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  1. I thought all squash blossoms were edible? Battered and fried — soooo delicious.

  2. hi citations!
    it’s been a long time! yes, squash blossoms, to my knowledge, are edible. however, i was mostly curious as to whether this squash/gourd is edible. it turns out that it is. i harvested the very one you see in the photo above. i peeled it and chopped up the squash – sauteed some and used some in a soup.


  3. hi, thanks for commenting!

    that mystery squash/gourd is a 葫蘆瓜. i didn’t know what it is either since i’m totally ignorant about plants/ nature/ animals. i asked my friend and she told me that it’s a 葫蘆瓜.

    i looked it up online and it’s supposedly called “bottle gourd” or “calabash” in English.

    my friend said that it’s edible. i’ve never eaten one though.

    she also says that if you don’t want to eat it, you can dry it in the sun and then cut off its top and use it as a water bottle (some people do that in Taiwan).

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