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Back in January, I did a review of my favorite Kansas City Chinese restaurants. Now that I’m back in the area, I’ve had a chance to get back to one of them, Lucky Wok in Overland Park, Kansas – this time with camera in tow. Check out my flickr account for a pictorial “essay” on my meal there.

Chicken and tofu stew with preserved salted fish
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The dinner featured some of my Lucky Wok’s favorites, like their sea cucumbers and a hot pot stew of chicken and tofu infused with the pungent heady taste (and smell) of salty Chinese preserved fish (pictured). The most stunning dish was a taro-stuffed duck that was specially pre-ordered from the chef by one of my dinner-mates who is very good friends with the owners. The preparation is very labor-intensive: a duck is de-skinned, whole. The duck meat is de-boned. The white meat is sliced into small pieces while the rest (end-cuts) are minced and mashed with cooked taro-root. The slices of meat are put back into the skin in a single flat layer. The remaining cavity is stuffed with the taro-duck mixture. The entire thing is roasted until the inside is cooked and the skin is crackling crispy – amazing.

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