my kids will be like that…

Same cafe as previous post… the next day.

Overheard: A mother with her 1 tag-along (circa 7-y.o.) settle in to wait for food delivery. Mom is getting drinks while child is quietly leafing through a book. Cute, I think… cuter as soon as she opens her mouth. Fount of information. Informed. Opinionated. Well spoken. Appropriately, volume 5 to 7.

Food arrives. Mother has tomato-Mozerella pesto sandwich. Child has sweet-cheese blintzes with cherry compote.

“Thank-you mommy,” with a sweet smile. *Ding* (bright white shiny well-brushed teeth).

No talking with mouth full. She quietly happys herself with her blintzes and book. Mother reads the paper. They are the model of contentment …my child(ren) (please, God), will be like that… *halo*!

~ by ulterior epicure on March 10, 2006.

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  1. Note, though, that in the three years between age 4 and age 7 an awful lot can be learned, including how to modulate one’s voice, how to speak politely every time, and how something that’s funny at home is not necessarily funny in a cafe.

    Yes, while everyone wants polite, well learned, articulate children, almost no one gets such beings before they are six years old, when they are young and hungry, or when their caregiver is at the end of her rope for whatever reason.

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