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Christopher Elbow Chocolates, originally uploaded by ulteriorepicure.

I happened into Christopher Elbow Chocolates a few weeks ago and had a spectacular go at his novel (and acclaimed) sweets. Touted by the likes of Food + Wine Magazine and Oprah, Elbow has garnered a lot of notable press for his creations. He has a local (Kansas City) background, but quite an impressive national career.

Tucked in the back of an upmarket boutique furniture store on Kansas City’s Southwest Boulevard (although reports from Elbow himself anticipate moving to a larger space and the possibility of chocolate-making classes), the eponymous chocolatier’s little display case holds a world of chocolate fun. It’s quite a variety – with very interesting offerings. At present, each piece costs $1.35 (sans tax).

Here, you see the assortment of Elbow’s “boutique” chocolates that I tried.

From 12 o’clock clockwise:
1. Single Malt Scotch: Scotch-taste, but not very strong.
2. Morello Cherry: Consisting inside of a thin layer of sweet-tart cherry gelee sandwiched beneath a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache.
3. Lime: This was my favorite of the ones pictured. Very “limey” and tart – wonderful!
4. Russian Tea: Very good – strong tea flavor.
5. Vietnamese Cinnamon: Not sure what makes them “Vietnamese” – but the cinnamon was nice and strong.
6. Champagne: This gold-dusted jewel was moderately infused with the heady champagne flavor, too bad there’s no way to get the bubbles in there!
7. Espresso and Lemon: Sadly, I found this to be the weakest of the group. To be sure, the coffee taste was there, but the lemon was a little confusing – it tasted more like cardamom.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates
118 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
816-842-1300 or go online to order

~ by ulterior epicure on January 12, 2006.

5 Responses to “christopher elbow”

  1. i want the champagne ones.

  2. It’s hard to imagine anyone outdoing Teuscher for champagne truffles. I’ve had a good tea truffle too. I’ll have to check these out, though.

    Hi u.e.! Law school is awful for my diet. :( There is no decent food on campus — nor even any good coffee.

  3. Hi back!! That’s what you get for going to Chicago!! Although you really can’t complain – you’ve got some of the BEST eatin’ going on in the U.S. these days… unfortunately not too friendly on a law student’s budget… hang in there…

  4. Aw man. his fleur de sel caramel ones rule

  5. Just received some of Elbow’s chocolates and pate de fruits which I ordered.

    Not sure I want to ingest crayola colors…what’s with all the colors and the squares? I prefer to have my teeth sink into a dense round truffle from

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