truffle mania!

… not the chocolate kind… the fungus. Thanks to, MobyP, a fellow eGullet poster, my attention was brought to this amazing story about a Christie’s auction at which a white Alba truffle weighing 1.2 kilos sold for 63,000₤ (€95,000)!

~ by ulterior epicure on November 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “truffle mania!”

  1. Bought by some socialities from hong kong. the truffle daddy ended up executed in a dinner for charity at the Ritz Carlton of Hong Kong. The ticket sells about HK$10000, which stands for about USD1300 per head. 40 persons showed up for the death blow of our truffle daddy and all walked away with an aftertaste of ‘truffle gelato.’

  2. chaxiubao.

    i’m a little confused by your comment – were you present? if so, how was the “truffle gelato?” sounds amazing!!


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