personal triumph…

Yesterday, I fixed my toilet – sans plumber, just me and a monkey wrench. I’m beaming with pride.

~ by ulterior epicure on July 11, 2005.

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  1. Good for you!


    PS. Pls. answer my question on Tetsuya. It’s quasi-urgent.

  2. stuck.

    sorry about my absence… have been distracted by work and eating… tee-hee…

    are you stuck where i think you are? if so, you are quite close to tetsuya, no? i have to admit, i’m not really up on him… only know that he is an amazing chef and has done wonders for the aussie asian culinary world… that being said, if you are down-under and will be passing anywhere near, his place is definitely an establishment worth the detour!!

    hope that helped… sorry.


  3. not stuck there at the moment, but will be soon. i’m going to sydney for christmas and new year’s, and should make reservations soon – have you heard of rockpool?

    what else have you been up to? (shoot me an e-mail).


  4. Congrats! Victory over plumbing is always worth celebrating.

    Heidi tells us you have a fab apartment here.

  5. hmmm…. heidi’s not supposed to give away my location(s) nor my identity… but yes, heidi’s almost right – it’s a very “nice” condo, not apartment.


  6. What is a monkey wrench? :)

  7. Here where? Heidi tells us nothing.

    Ooh, a condo! Even fabber! Wait, I’m sure that’s not a word…

  8. citations.

    sorry, no skinny on the condo. oh, and “fabber” can be a word if you say so…

    often, in the midst of eating a morsel of pure joy, i am moved to emotional outbursts of “new words,” like fabber!


  9. No, no, no, u.e. I am absolutely NOT fishing for information. In fact, I’m a bit sorry to even have a clue as to general part of the country. ;)

    Mystery is good. Except for mystery meat — that’s not so good.

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