make your own designer ice cream…

I just found my dream website… rather, my dream company. Illinois-based Ecreamery runs an amazing online ice cream and gelato store. You can either buy one of their pre-mixed base flavors like Ube, Hot Pepper, or Jasmine, even the infamous Durian, or you may select one of their Signature Flavors like Cucumber Dill Weed (currently a “Best Seller”) or Avocado-Macapuno (“sweetened young coconut strands).

But wait, there’s more! The best part is that you can make your own!! Here’s the deal:

Step 1: Choose your own base mix, either gelato (8% fat), classic ice cream (12% fat), and super premium ice cream(14% fat). A sucker for gelato, I chose the 8% mix.

Step 2: Choose from one of their exotic and extensive list of flavors. You can choose two for a $10 surcharge. I chose “Chocolate Merlot.”

Step 3. Choose a topping. They’ve got anything and everything from cheddar cheese to coffee soaked lady fingers to candied violets to thyme and basil. I chose figs.

Step 4: Name your creation! I named mine “The Good Life.”

Here’s the catch. When you make your own “Flavor Fusion,” you’re commiting to a $79.95 gallon of your new creation. Yeah, that’s a lot of gelato/ice cream. It’s not so much the volume that is troubling… it’s partly price, but mostly the fear that the creation could turn out to be a disaster. It’d be safer (and cheaper) for me to try making my own in my trusty ice cream maker here in my home.

At any rate, I could spend hours creating different combinations. Try it out – I’d love to hear about your favorite flavor.

~ by ulterior epicure on July 7, 2005.

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  1. Ye gods. That is some absurdly expensive icecream.

    I used to work in a Haagen Daz store. The Belgian chocolate we used for dipping was fantastic. For me the creamier the icecream the better, and nothing beats real French Vanilla loaded with bits of bean and then drenched in that Belgian chocolate. Mmmmmmm. I know, it seems boring, but it’s the ultimate dairy goodness.

    Sadly, you can’t get vanilla ice cream that good, with that home made flavor. :(

  2. Online ice-cream store?! How can you get ice cream delivered? Is it on dry ice or something? Am i missing something?

  3. no – your not missing anything… why do you think it costs $80/gallon? shipping and handling’s not cheap when your shipping a frozen item overnight….


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