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Yes, I know I’m stalling for time until I can post an adequate, substantive post. Until then, humor me. Let’s play a game:1). If you could choose to eat only ONE cuisine (ethnic), which would you choose? Please try to be specific. Nation or (even better), national region suffices.
2). If you shrunk and became trapped in a large food item – what food item would you want to “eat your way out of?” Please use discretion in your sharing your imagination.
3). You were a fruit – what would you be?
4). Would you rather be a forced herbivore for the rest of your life (yes, vegan) or be forced to give up your one favorite food item?
5). What meal of the day yields the most satisfying food selections?
6). If you were “God” for a day, what one food item would you “uncreate” out of existence?
Since it’s my game, I’ll go first:

1). Hands down – Japanese. More specifically, Edo-style.
2). Watermelon.
3). Hmmm… this is hard, remind me why I asked this question? I’d have to say watermelon.
4). Hmmmmmm…. this is even harder… for me, it comes down to gelato or meat, meat or gelato. Gelato wins… no wait, I’d be crazy to give up meat… I’d rather give up gelato – I guess I could alway settle for ice cream… sigh…
5). Dinner.
6). Macadamia nuts (I know, I know… it’s not that I hate them, I just can’t think of anything else I really don’t care for…).

~ by ulterior epicure on April 14, 2005.

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  1. 1. This is tough, but for sheer versatility I think I’d have to say Italian. With the whole range of the peninsula, you can get almost anything.
    2. A Teuscher champagne truffle. No doubt.
    3. Er… maybe a kiwi – sweet and tart. Or a tuna? It’s a cactus fruit, I don’t know what Americans call it, but it’s spiny on the outside (cactus, see?) and amazingly sweet and flavorful on the inside.
    4. Nooooo don’t make me choose between steak and chocolate! That’s not right! And I couldn’t survive without eggs, cheese, and milk. No.
    5. Brunch, because anything goes.
    6. Bananas. ‘Nough said.

  2. citations.

    #2… oh yes, tuescher champagne truffles – the wonders of chicago chocolateries!

    #3. tuna a fruit? never heard of it – i will have to check it out… where have you had it?

    #4. i’m confused – did you decide – herbivore or no chocolate?

    #6. bananas came in pretty close to the top of my “uncreate” finalists – but then i couldn’t have banana splits, bread, or smoothies.

  3. 1. Mexican food, I think. But what about ginger?
    2. Not watermelon; that would be very sticky. If we get water, I’d say a low-sodium saltine wouldn’t be unobjectionable. If we don’t get water, hmm. Celery, probably. I don’t want to choose something I really like, because I might get sick of it and not be able to eat it again.
    3. Yuzu.
    4. No cheese?! But then again — no cheese. Huh. I’m basically giving up cheese either way. I better hold on to everything else.
    5. Doesn’t anything go, all the time?
    6. It’s a hard question. Do you mean that it ceases to exist, or that it ceases to exist as food? If the latter, I would make chickens vastly poisonous. Nobody would ever eat them again! But if it stops existing altogether, I’ll choose … um … radishes.

  4. heidi.

    #1. ginger? huh? please elaborate.
    #2. no water… celery! eeww. it’s so string and tough – you’d be chewing your way out FOREVER!
    #3.mmmm… glad you’ve fallen in love with it.
    #5. yes, i suppose…
    #6. “uncreate” = ceases to exist. radishes it is… hmmm, i see my readers are all in line with me – radishes was another thing i considered… but i’d still rather have them around than macadamia nuts…

  5. heidi.

    … one more thing… i’ll bet c-dawg’s anser to #1 would be a dried pasta! ha!


  6. Tuna is a fruit in Mexico. That’s what it’s called there. I’ve seen it in markets here, but it’s never anywhere close to as good as it is down there, and I really can’t remember what it’s called here. Sorry! Go to Mexico!

    And, um… How could I possibly decide? That’s like asking someone if they’d rather be deaf or blind. Neither, thanks!

    One more thing: radishes. Eat them with butter and salt. Yummmmmm. But they need to be good radishes, fresh, not the nasty withered ones in the grocery store.

  7. 1). Italian, particularly Emilia-Romagna region.
    2). A home made Mac & Cheese with a nice thick bechemel, three or four cheeses including a dolce gorganzola and a shell shaped pasta.
    3). Cherry
    4). Give up my favourite food item.
    5). Anytime savory is involved, I don’t hold to eating things at certain times of the day.
    6). Canned spaghetti and meatballs.

  8. 1. Southeast Asian. Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Burmese, Indonesian. Fresh, mild, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy.
    2. a chocolate souffle with a molten centre
    3. jackfruit – spiky on the inside, chewy and sweet on the inside
    4. give up chocolate or get stuck with vegetables? i’d suck it up and give up chocolate. meat’s too tasty.
    5. afternoon tea
    6. water chestnuts and hearts of palm. blech.

  9. hi avoiding:

    2. you’d be awfully hot! happy, but hot!
    3. you mean spiky on the “outside?”
    4. agreed.
    5. are you british?
    6. good call on the waterchestnuts, i LOVE hearts of palm!!

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