the five people you [eat with] in [food] heaven…

Mitch Albom has a new book out entitled the five people you meet in heaven. After reading his first best-seller, tuesdays with Morrie, I vowed never to return to his sappy writing again (perhaps an overreaction). So, I have no idea who Albom suggests one will meet in heaven… but, as I walked through the book store, to his credit, the title to Albom’s new literary darling caught my imagination…Who would be the five “foodies” I’d be sure to meet in food heaven? Here’s what I’d eat with them.

1). Julia Child over a big bowl-full of homemade strawberry ice cream.
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin over a thirty-course French feast featuring game meats.
James Beard over a smoked fish tasting in a rustic cabin in the wilds of Oregon.
M.F.K. Fisher over a fine cheese course.
Marie Antoine Carême over whatever he’d want to make.

Who are the five living gastronomes I’d like to meet (right now), and where? After some agonizing, I’ve come up with five. Not surprisingly, the venues all centered around food (I’m sure there’s continuous feasting in Heaven, but since Albom has already staked that claim, I’ll move afield, err, lets say, I stayed terrestrial):

1). Jeffrey Steingarten over a wrapped lobster roll aboard an oyster boat waiting for the tide to go
out in order to harvest oysters in the bay at
Arcachon, France.
Ferran Adria over a nine-to-fifteen course meal at his restaurant. El Bulli, in Rosas, Spain
Ruth Reichl over a big plate of matzo brei in her kitchen.
Thomas Keller over a fifteen course meal at his flagship restaurant, The French Laundry in
Yountville, California.
Masa Takayama over a pile of unidentifiable creatures from the deep at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo,
Japan. Naomichi Yasuda came in as a close second, but I’ve already met him…

~ by ulterior epicure on February 22, 2005.

9 Responses to “the five people you [eat with] in [food] heaven…”

  1. I’ve been meaning to try Sushi Yasuda. How many stars do you give it?

    — Stuck in Ann Arbor

  2. stuck in ann arbor.

    sorry, you’ll have to wait for my review… i’ll make it a priority just for you.


  3. Btw, I was just thinking that I would have liked to meet Beard.

    Stuck in AA

  4. What, no Wolfang Puck?! ;)

  5. a.

    while puck seems like congenial fellow, i don’t find him as compelling as my top five picks… i think puck would definitely make my top 50 list though… no slight intended, really… there are just others that i am more curious to meet.

    any foodies you’d like to meet?


  6. pierre herme

    — stuck

  7. hi stuck…

    ooo, pierre herme does offer tempting treats (i’ve always dreamed of visiting fauchon… will have to make that happen someday)… i find his “syle” a bit flamboyant though… verging on food exhibitionist… not that i mind the “food porn” once in a while… all very parisienne…

    any others on your list?


  8. pierre herme is no longer at fauchon. he has his own chain now! his macaron “ispahan” is a singular experience and a thing of beauty (google it for a picture).

    i know what you mean about fauchon. i arrived in paris, jet-lagged, and that was the first place i headed. back in the us, fauchon new york keeps me very happy. i just discovered their almond orange brioches.

  9. anonymous.

    how was fauchon?

    thanks for the update on herme. the isaphan creations are so pretty, almost too pretty to eat…


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